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THEM:The Story

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It’s been several months since the last update about my current video game THEM:Alpha. Perhaps some of you don’t even know that the name of my game has changed! I’ll attempt to get everyone up to speed on what has been going on during the last little (big) while.

But first, I want to introduce you to my latest creation; THEM:The Story! You may be asking ‘What is it?’ or even ‘Why?’. I’ll answer those questions! First and foremost, THEM:The Story is a behind the scenes look at the making of THEM:Alpha. Currently it’s for iPad only and takes on a slightly magazine look to it. When the app launches, it will have 4 full chapters with a chapter being added bi-weekly. (Although I will be attempting to update it once a week) The app will take you through the entire development process and follow my thoughts and reactions to different events during the making of the game. It will step you through the original designs/ideas that I had for the game, as well as how I came to the final design of THEM:Alpha. You’ll see images/art assets, be able to interact with characters all through the app. When the launch of the game gets closer, there will be a demo of the game available through the app itself. There is also the possibility of making portions of the game available through THEM:The Story. You’ll get early access to parts of the game before anyone else!

Why am I releasing this app? For two simple reasons. One: So that those interested in THEM:Alpha can see the amount of work that goes into making the game and bringing it to life. Two: So that it can keep me in check to release the game in a timely manner. Up until this point I’ve been very relaxed about the entire development process. In a way I’ve become to relaxed. This app will force me to finish the game up and get it out. Since I’ll be updating THEM:The Story with a new chapter bi-weekly, I will need to make good progress in order to be able to make a new chapter! So take a look at some of the screenshots for the app. I’ll be following up with a video of the app in action sometime soon! It’s going to be submitted to Apple this Friday with a release soon after. (Depending on how long it takes to go through the review process)

So what exactly have I been up to for the past several months?!? Well, for one, I took the entire summer off to go work at a Bible camp just 1.5 hours north of Winnipeg, MB, Canada. That was a blast and I’m am so glad I took the time to go up there. Before summer, and starting around April 2011, I began to pick up a bunch of freelance jobs. I don’t know about you, but I kinda need money to survive! People always think that I’m some millionaire that sits at home and does nothing all day. Just pumps out video games that make a ton of money. Unfortunately, none of that is true. Developing a game takes time, and the more time you spend developing that game, the less time you’re making money. Even though my expenses are fairly low, taking 4 months straight to work on a game kind of drains the bank account. My solution? Beg for money or pick up some contract jobs. I chose the latter. Although it would have been interesting begging for money. So from about April 2011 till September 2011, I have barely worked on THEM:Alpha. But now I have some time, a small window, where I can finish the game off and FINALLY release it into the wild.

So thank you for your patience during the past year as I’ve attempted to bring my thoughts to life!


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